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Professional Wine Cooler Repair Services

Serenity Appliance Repair is your trusted wine cooler repair company in Wesley Chapel, FL. Our specialists have extensive experience in wine cooler repairs. We offer wine cooler repair services in Wesley Chapel, Dade City, Land O Lakes, San Antonio, Zephyrhills, . You can rely on our same-day appliance repair service, knowing that the quality of our work will exceed your expectations.

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Types of Wine Cooler We Repair

Like many other refrigeration units, wine coolers have many types depending on different categories. When comparing the different kinds of wine storage options, they make the most sense for most wine consumers and are the most convenient option. Earlier we mentioned two types that differed in the technology category: thermoelectric and compressor.

Free Standing Wine Coolers

Those wine coolers are very popular. This type of wine cooler comes in many sizes. The other benefit to a freestanding wine cooler is that you can place it anywhere you would like in your home. Purchasing a freestanding wine refrigerator for your home means that you can have your wine when you want it, that is convenient enough, at just the right temperature that makes it delightful. And, believe it or not, there are even more benefits that you will reap, too. Besides, they are typically lower in price.

Built-In Wine Refrigerators

Those wine coolers are ideal for people who don’t want to take up valuable floor space. However, they are the most expensive type. You should also consider the cost implications you may come across if you need to create a space for a built-in wine cooler. On the other hand, it gives you more options for placement as it can be installed into your cabinetry or placed freestanding. Moreover, this wine cooler allows you to quickly control the temperature. Dual-zone models are also available, allowing people to store wines together at different temperatures.

Countertop Coolers and Beverage Centers

These chillers are perfect for those who don’t have a large amount of floor space to spare, and they’re also an excellent idea if you’re someone who tends to drink your wine instead of collecting it. But this type of cooler usually needs some form of ventilation.
Thus, the wine coolers are special appliances that can be either single or dual zone and use either a thermoelectric element or a standard compressor system to chill the wine. Advanced models come with complementary features, for instance, the possibility to regulate the humidity.

Wine Refrigerators Brands We Service

Our technicians have extensive experience repairing wine refrigerators of all brands and models. We work with all major brands of wine refrigerators, including:

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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question about Wine Refrigerator Repair Services in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Why does my wine cooler run so often?

Dirty condenser coils can cause this, inadequate airflow from the appliance being too close to the wall, or the door not sealing properly.

What’s the typical lifespan of a wine cooler?

With proper maintenance, a wine cooler can be expected to last 12 to 15 years.

Wine fridge is noisy or loud

If you hear your fridge noise, one leading reason may be the condenser fan motor problem making your freezer so loud. An easy way to check and diagnose a refrigerator making a buzzing noise is to unplug your refrigerator and check the fan at the bottom rear of the fridge. If you see anything blocking the fan movement, try to clean the area. If you see signs of damage or a seized motor, it is time to think about a repair or replacement.

Wine cooler not cooling after power outage

If you find that your cooler stopped working after a power outage, a quick way to diagnose this problem is to start by checking to make sure the fuse for the cooler is not blown. You will also want to check the control panel to ensure the fridge is switched on. If your refrigerator will still not turn on after a power outage, try resetting the GFCI power outlet that your appliance is plugged into.

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