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Professional Ice Maker Repair Services

Serenity Appliance Repair is your trusted ice maker repair company in Wesley Chapel, FL. Our specialists have extensive experience in ice maker repairs. We offer ice maker repair services in Wesley Chapel, Dade City, Land O Lakes, San Antonio, Zephyrhills, . You can rely on our same-day appliance repair service, knowing that the quality of our work will exceed your expectations.

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Same-Day Ice Maker Repair Services

The ice maker is an excellent addition to any commercial kitchen. But like other types of refrigerators, it has typical problems and special difficulties in repair. You can see that the device no longer makes ice, or the ice created has a bad taste.

In the first case, the incorrect temperature may cause a breakdown. If the temperature check and proper regulation didn’t help, we believe that the culprit might be blocked or the ice maker might have a defective water inlet valve. Any of these blockages could be cleaned by Serenity Appliance Repair’s technicians.

In the second case, if other goods cannot smell such, the problem lies in the dirty filter. Our specialists will gladly assist you at any time with its replacement and other refrigeration equipment repair.

Advantages of Our Industrial Ice Maker Repair

If your ice maker has started acting up and bothers you, interrupting your comfortable life, it’s high time to call for help. Our licensed appliance repairmen are just a few blocks away and ready to come to the rescue.

Ice Machines Brands We Fix

Our technicians have extensive experience repairing ice machines of all brands and models. We work with all major brands of ice machines, including:

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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question about Ice Maker Repair Services in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Can the ice machine be fixed at the same day?

We know your time is valuable, whether it’s a rental property, your own property, or your business, we will be there in no time, in order for your to go back to your daily business, with as little disruption as possible.

Why is my ice machine leaking?

If you notice water on the floor near your ice machine, the ice maker could be leaking. Make sure that the ice maker is in a level position. Then check to make sure that there is no damage in the water pipes nearby. Check the filler cup in the ice maker to make sure that is well positioned. If you are finding no issues, but there still is a leak, reach out to the pros for help.

Why wont my ice maker dispense ice?

A common problem is that your ice maker stops dispensing ice or water. If you notice this happening, first make sure that there is sufficient flow of water into the ice maker. You may simply need to turn on the water. Ensure that the feeler of the ice maker is not blocked or has switched off the machine. The feeler is the arm that pushes the cubes to the outer tray. If too much ice piles up, this will make the feeler stay lifted, which prevents the dispensing of more ice.

What causes my ice maker to freeze up?

If the water freezes before getting into the ice maker mold, your ice maker will freeze up. To correct this, you will need to set your thermostat to the recommended temperature. If the temperature seems fine, but the water is freezing before getting to the mold, the experts can help with restaurant equipment repairs

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